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Living in Abbotsford – More than you Might Expect!

People are just discovering why Abbotsford has more to offer than one might expect.  The term “hidden gem” has been used before to describe the “city in the country”, nestled between the coastal mountains and the agricultural prairie about 45 minutes east of Vancouver.  However, just in the last couple of years the secret is getting out – and living in Abbotsford is now becoming a popular trend among young families, working professionals, and those seeking more bang for your buck.

You can truly create a life here that is abundant in so many ways – outdoor activities abound, many interesting restaurants and shops that are family-owned, great schools and recreational facilities, and of course more time to spend with your loved ones, since work and home can be only minutes apart.   Besides all the warm and fuzzies of living in the heart of the Fraser Valley, did you know that Abbotsford is actually the 6th largest city by population in the province of B.C.?  Yes that is right, Abbotsford may still be considered as a small country town by Vancouverites, but the reality is that it is considered an urban city and the 6th largest in the province.   Abbotsford also combines the largest land mass by area for a city in British Columbia, with the home town feel of a city in the country.

In the last decade, there have been huge strides in advancing industry and services here as well – the International Airport now services many exciting destinations abroad, High Street Shopping Center continues to bring new retailers and seasonal events for the whole family. Historic Downtown Abbotsford has gone through a major revitalization and has a phenomenal cult-like following when it comes to specialty coffee bars, boutique shops, craft breweries, fitness studios, and much more!  Check out this video highlighting the new vibe in Downtown Abby. The list would not be complete without mentioning Abbotsford is home to the University of Fraser Valley and a state of the art Regional Hospital and Cancer Center.   Abbotsford is truly a smaller city that has everything you need for day-to-day life and much more.

Here is our TOP 5 reasons for why living in Abby is an undiscovered gem:
  1. Cost of Living – need we say more?  With the cost of housing in Vancouver, the Valley offers more of everything at a lower price.  It’s that simple.

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  2. Support Network – Did you know that the Abbotsford community has a unique history of being the most charitable in Canada?   That spirit of giving can be felt with the local business and families that reach out in times of need.  Like any other city we are not perfect, but the sense of community and giving back is strong here, such as in the Run for Water which is a city wide event in May each year.
  3. A Place for All Ages – For sure Abbotsford is a place for young families with the abundance of public and private schools from pre-school to university at your doorstep, but it is also a place where the maturing population can flourish.  It is common here to see the whole family from 1 to 91 out on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the outdoor scenery at one of the many local farms picking their own berries or having a hay ride.  Recreational activities and community events are inclusive for everyone to attend and they go all year round – from the internationally known Abbotsford Airshow to the Spring Tulip Festival, to BerryFest, the event options continue with Tradex and Abbotsford Entertainment Centre around the corner. More Events Here!

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  4. Farms & Agriculture – To join the eat-within-100 miles club, look no further than right here because Abbotsford is the regional hub for agriculture and in many ways has defined the city for decades.  Abbotsford is the largest municipality in size with a total area of 389 km2 and about 70% of the land is located within the ALR, with some of the most diversified farmed areas in all of Canada.  There are oodles of farm markets and kiosks to easily source some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and butchered meats, or take the self-guided Circle Farm Tour!
  5. International Airport – with more travel opportunities than ever before to places around the world, having an International Airport at your doorstep can be a big advantage.  Avoid the traffic jams and long lines at YVR, and opt for travel out of YXX for a change.  You will be glad you did!
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