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Salton Road Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge

City of Abbotsford’s Neighbourhood Plan for UDistrict 

  1. Integrate the community with the UDistrict
  2. Provide more shopping and housing
  3. Improve walking, cycling and transit. Make it safe and easy.
  4. Create neighbourhood gathering places.
One of the visions for the City of Abbotsford is to “make walking, biking, and transit more delightful”……and a bridge project like this will definitely help bring us closer to realizing that vision in the Midtown neighborhood.

Here is a sample from a similar project in Victoria.

Whats Happening?
  • New pedestrian bridge & bike overpass located at Salton Road over Highway 1
  • Project start date: Spring 2017
  • Project completion: Spring 2018
Why is the City of Abbotsford building an Overpass?
  • Residents of the UDistrict have informed the City that more walking and cycling options are needed.
  • this project enchances the existing cycling network and meets the goal of building a complete community
  • The overpass improves public safty, reduces green house gasses and supports active living
Want to learn more about this exciting project? This information can all be found at the City of Abbotsford’s website www.abbotsford.ca.