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Abbotsford Apartments

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Live in Style Near the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)

Since its humble beginnings in 1974 as a small college campus located on Marshall road, The University of the Fraser Valley has grown in leaps and bounds.  Fast forward to 2008, when it was granted full university status. Now, thousands attend, teach, or work at this fully accredited university, which is well located in the beautiful Fraser Valley, near the Midtown district of Abbotsford, BC.

Every school year there are a growing number of professors, support staff, as well as local and international students, so housing is in demand. Midtown Club Suites is here to support the growing University with quality rental housing that will accommodate a diverse group of residents of all ages. The best news is, that with the state of the art pedestrian and bicycle overpass at the end of Salton Road, the University District is a short 5-minute walk from Midtown Club Suites.

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A Top-Notch University

Abbotsford boasts a growing, student population with nearly 15,000 people flooding the campus each year. You’ll find the campus outside of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, minutes from the USA border and the Abbotsford International Airport (YXX). There are sister campuses across the region too, including:

• Chilliwack
• Agassiz
• Mission
• Hope

All are welcome to this accredited school, which means that many people will require a home nearby, plus shops and convenient services.

Offerings at UFV

As they continue to increase the opportunities of learning and working at UFV, some of the interesting offerings to highlight at the school include:

• Practical hands-on experience
• Over a dozen technology and trade programs and a great variety of subjects
• On average 22 people to a class for personalized instruction
• “A” grades in high-quality registration, student-faculty relations and education stability
• Several faculties to choose from including:

  • Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies
  • College of Arts
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Science

• 55 Countries represented at the campus and counting
• The popular UPass is available to all students so that transit and local recreational facilities are accessible for a small fee

apartments near university fraser valley abbotsford

Vast Number of Programs

You may want to apply for Midtown Club Suites as soon as possible when you hear about the amazing programs available to incoming students. Specialties across the campus are wide and far-reaching, such as mathematics, business administration, criminology, psychology and English.

Explore some of the other programs currently being offered, including:

• 22 apprenticeship/trade concentrations
• 15 undergraduate programs with minor concentrations across 35 other subjects
• 81 overall diploma and certificate awards
• 4 graduate programs
• 26 adult programs for continuing education
• 6 cooperative-education programs
• More than 40 foreign-exchange choices

How Midtown Club Suites Fits In

With timeless design and close proximity to the campus, the brand new Midtown Club Suites is poised to be a prime location for next year’s student and staff population. Apply now so that you can have the pick of the new apartments for rent.

Either one-, two- or three-bedroom high-end suites are available at this point. Each space has a unique view of the surrounding landscape with plenty of recreational facilities in the neighborhood for your amusement. Walk to UFV or the center of town as you enjoy every amenity at the Midtown Club Suites.

From gaining your graduate degree to advancing your career and starting a family, the UFV and Abbotsford have a lot to offer. Live, learn, work and play in the same neighborhood as you develop into a capable professional who’s ready to serve the public and community.